What People are Saying

“As a Grandparent, my grandbaby has been attending SCS since he was 3yrs old, now 8yrs old.  We have been very blessed and pleased with the SCS staff over the years. Some very special people at SCS have been a part of our lives throughout these years and my grandbaby has made some lifelong friends. SCS has some very special teachers with a heart of gold and they are attentive to every child.  I love that this year we will have extracurricular activities with my grandbaby being in 3rd grade. To see the advancement each year that benefits my child, we are excited for this year to come!! Go Eagles!! Blessed to be a part of this great adventure!!” – Proud Grandparent,  Merlinda Olvera

“Making the change from public to private school was a little daunting, especially with a kid that had special needs. SCS welcomed us with open and loving arms and completely changed our lives! They have instilled a firm biblical foundation, a safe and loving environment, and a solid academic curriculum. ABEKA (the curriculum used) has core phonics and penmanship that public schools are no longer integrating that are vital to our student’s learning experience! SCS encourages our students to look forward to the future with positive critical thinking skills and that is a blessing! Stephenville Christian is a blessing in our lives and we pray it will be to yours too!” — Rinaldo & Lauren Constancio

“Stephenville Christian School has been a large part of my life.  I have the unique perceptive of experiencing the school as a student and now as a parent. It’s humbling to realize that my son has the same opportunities to experience God in the same sanctuary, classrooms, hallways, and playground as I did as a child.  Though the faces of the teachers and administrators may have changed, there is one constant.  God is still in this place.  This school does an amazing job of intertwining a stimulating academic curriculum with a Gospel-Based Mission.  My son has grown leaps and bounds in his studies, but more importantly his knowledge of God and His love for us, which is something you can’t put a price on.  There is no better place to enroll your child if you want your child to experience the riches of a Bible-Based Curriculum.”  — Roeland Stoker

“It just takes a minute to tell you how grateful we were for SCS. The caring teachers, the disciplined environment, small classes leading to advanced academic achievements; all these attributes from a private school gave our children the foundation into the grown men they are today. What better financial investment into the lives of our children could we have done than sending them to a private school with a Christian environment? With a rock-solid foundation received at Stephenville Christian School, all 4 of our boys went on to finish College with honors; not a moment of regret. Thank you to the dedicated and wonderful staff, the administration, and the school board of SCS.” –Frank Volleman

“It’s been an awesome school for my granddaughters!” – Anita Perry