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Our goal is to help every student grow into a responsible citizen of our world, nation, state, and community; and a responsible citizen of Jesus Christ’s kingdom, willing and able to serve God and community.

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Grade Levels: Pre-K 3 – High School

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Registration and Enrollment

Enrollment at Stephenville Christian School is both a privilege and a responsibility for Christian families. Parents who apply for enrollment should familiarize themselves with the philosophy and policies of Stephenville Christian School, complete the application forms, complete the pastoral recommendation from your church, and return them with the following:

  1. $250.00 Non-refundable registration fee
  2. Direct Deposit Form (unless tuition is paid in full before school begins)
  3. Copy of the child’s birth certificate
  4. Up-to-date immunization record
  5. A copy of any school academic records showing past work
  6. Any report of reading or learning difficulties

Upon receipt of all requested materials, the school office may schedule an interview with the parents and/or student. If deemed necessary, the prospective student(s) may also be tested. The admissions committee may be consulted and may make a recommendation to the school board.

PK-3, PK-4, and Kindergarteners must be age 3, 4, or 5, respectively, by September 1st of the year that they desire to enter school. All must be toilet trained before entering S.C.S.


The Christian school curriculum is designed to contribute to a deeper understanding of how to live a thoroughly Christian life. It reflects both the unity and diversity in God’s creation. Each subject and lesson is taught in light of God’s Word, the Bible.

While our academic structure is traditional, we strive to incorporate up-to-date materials and methodologies. To that end, our curriculum is under continual review and revision.

We purchase curriculum from a well- respected national and international publisher of educational materials called A Beka Book. Teachers may supplement their A Beka textbooks with other material only with the approval of the school board.

Academic Policy

Academic expectations at Stephenville Christian School are high. To maintain our high standards, we seek to follow these guidelines:

  1. Students are expected to work up to their ability level.
  2. Students should show good effort in their work habits.
  3. Students should complete daily assignments and homework.
  4. “No Pass, No Play”– Students that wish to participate in extracurricular activities such as sports must maintain at least a 70 average in all subjects and have a good conduct record.

Maintaining this academic excellence takes the cooperation of the parents. Part of this cooperation involves parental monitoring of homework. The responsibility for each student’s success should be shared equally between teacher, parent, and student.

School Faculty

Stephenville Christian School teachers are committed Christians who were chosen for their commitment to the Biblical principles on which our school was founded, and for their teaching experience and expertise. Teachers of grades K-6th are graduates of accredited colleges or universities and hold current teaching certificates or degrees in their subject fields. Staff members are required to complete staff development training every year. Each teacher is also required to maintain certification in first aid and CPR. All teachers, staff, and regular volunteers are required to undergo a background check. Meet our Staff…

About Us

The purpose of Christian schooling is to work with the Christian family and church while presenting our covenant children a unified, distinctively Christian view of the world and their unique place in it as God’s people. Because Jesus Christ is sovereign Lord over all, He and His Word must be central and govern every area of life, especially our children’s schooling where they form their understanding of the world. Our goal is to help every student grow into a responsible citizen of our world, nation, state, and community; and a responsible citizen of Jesus Christ’s kingdom, willing and able to serve God and community.

Our Mission & Vision

  • To nurture a Christian point of view within an environment that is sensitive to the needs of the whole child (spiritual, mental, physical, and social).
  • To help students develop a disciplined Christian mind characterized by reflective Christian thinking and active Christian service.
  • To uphold high academic standards so that students are equipped to meet the challenges of a changing world and to compete on equal ground for the schools and/or goals of their choice.

Our Governing Principles

  • Jesus Christ is sovereign Lord over everything in creation and culture.

  • The Bible has relevant norms and rules for every situation.

  • The School is to maintain an all-encompassing Christian perspective.

  • Formal education is the organized process of encouraging and training students in the development of Christian moral and social values, and in academic knowledge.

  • Teachers are professional educators as well as exemplary Christians who communicate and model Christian life and learning in the classroom and in the community.

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1120 CR 351
Stephenville, TX 76401

School Hours

M-F: 7:30am – 4pm
Weekends: Closed

Phone & Email

Phone: 254-965-4821



What Parents are Saying

“My grandbaby has been attending SCS since he was 3yrs old, now 8yrs old.  We have been very blessed and pleased with the SCS staff over the years.”

Merlinda Olvera

“Making the change from public to private school was a little daunting especially with a kid that had special needs. SCS welcomed us with open and loving arms and completely changed our lives!” –

Rinaldo & Lauren Constancio

“I have the unique perceptive of experiencing the school as a student and now as a parent. It’s humbling to realize that my son has the same opportunities to experience God in the same sanctuary, classrooms, hallways, and playground as I did as a child.” –

Roeland Stoker

“The caring teachers, the disciplined environment, small classes leading to advanced academic achievements; all these attributes from a private school gave our children the foundation into the grown men they are today.” –

Frank Volleman

“It’s been an awesome school for my granddaughters!” –

Anita Perry