About Us

The School’s Vision

The purpose of Christian schooling is to work with the Christian family and church while presenting our covenant children a unified, distinctively Christian view of the world and their unique place in it as God’s people. Because Jesus Christ is sovereign Lord over all, He and His Word must be central and govern every area of life, especially our children’s schooling where they form their understanding of the world. Our goal is to help every student grow into a responsible citizen of our world, nation, state, and community; and a responsible citizen of Jesus Christ’s kingdom, willing and able to serve God and community.

Whereas the state has a secondary role in supporting and assisting parents in the provision and setting of standards for schooling, it is the parents to whom God has given the primary responsibility for their children’s education and training. Parents have the responsibility and privilege of choosing schooling that is consistent with their Christian convictions. The essential relationship for effective education is a bond of trust between home and school, with the support of Christ’s church.

Stephenville Christian School is committed to integrating biblical faith and learning, and to offering children a challenging education in a caring Christian atmosphere.

Our Governing Principles

  • Jesus Christ is sovereign Lord over everything in creation and culture.
  • The Bible has relevant norms and rules for every situation.
  • The School is to maintain an all-encompassing Christian perspective.
  • Formal education is the organized process of encouraging and training students in the development of Christian moral and social values, and in academic knowledge.
  • Teachers are professional educators as well as exemplary Christians who communicate and model Christian life and learning in the classroom and in the community.
Stephenville Christian School is an interfaith organization and has no denominational affiliations. It is owned and operated by a self-perpetuating School Board, which is drawn from the Parent Association. S.C.S. is a licensed childcare facility and meets the appropriate governmental standards for health, safety, and instruction. S.C.S. maintains a membership with Christian Schools International (CSI), the oldest organization of Christian Schools in North America.

Our Mission

S.C.S. is dedicated to:

  • Nurturing a Christian point of view within an environment that is sensitive to the needs of the whole child (spiritual, mental, physical, and social)
  • Helping students develop a disciplined Christian mind characterized by reflective Christian thinking and active Christian service.
  • Upholding high academic standards so that students are equipped to meet the challenges of a changing world and to compete on equal ground for the schools and/or goals of their choice.